Asian Brides: My Filipino Wedding

Darren and Jeany WeddingIt’s finally happened! I just tied the knot with my beautiful Filipina bride! I’m now officially married to the love of my life!

Apart from being a very hot day, everything went beautifully. There were a few things that didn’t happen until the last minute, but everyone involved pulled it off in the end. 30 days from start to finish was all the time we had to make this happen, and we did it.

The setting for both the ceremony and reception looked fantastic, very tastefully decorated and had quite a glam look considering we did this wedding on a budget. The flower arrangements, the clothing for us, the couple, and for the entourage, looked stunning. The photography and video were first class with Hollywood-style production, and the food at the reception was delicious.


Prenuptial Wedding Shoot

Prenuptial Photo Shoot 1Here in the Philippines it’s quite common for the couple to get together with their wedding photographer a few weeks out from the wedding day to do a prenuptial photo and video shoot. It’s quite a relaxing and intimate day, as it’s just the two of you and the photographers, as well as someone to touch up make up. Usually the couple will have about 3 sets of clothes to change into – formal, smart casual and casual.

It’s actually a lot of fun to do this. Our photographer’s name was Randy Yu and he was very friendly and easy to get along with, which ultimately makes for much better photos. He really knows what he’s doing; not just with taking the photos, but he’s also great at getting the best out of the people he is working with. So, if you ever do a wedding anywhere near Butuan City in the Philippines, be sure to look up Randy Yu and Infinity Studios.

Part of the prenup shoot is to conduct an interview with the couple to be wed, in order to get a bit of background story that will be shown at the wedding reception. It’s a great idea that allows the guests to get to know the couple a little more, as well as being a great keepsake that can be treasured forever.


The Morning Of The Wedding

I wasn’t particularly nervous in the lead up to the wedding, but the night before I did not sleep at all. I was awake the entire night, eventually getting out of bed to be greeted with a day that was hot and humid. It was a garden wedding so we prayed there would be no rain or storms to spoil our special day.

The wedding took place in Dottie’s Hotel in Butuan. We spent the night there before the wedding, after which I was transferred to another room while my bride-to-be remained in the larger room to prepare for the big day. That was at about 10am and the ceremony wasn’t due to start until 4pm, so that six hours actually felt like a very long time in some ways.

Basically I had three hours to kill before my best man and groomsmen were due to arrive. The plan was to relax and chill out for a while, but I couldn’t really relax. I was now getting excited and nervous as the time grew nearer.



The Three Hours Leading Up To The Wedding

During this time of getting ready the photographers and videographer kept switching between rooms to capture footage of the lead up to the main event. It was so humid I was sweating constantly once I had my suit on, even in an air conditioned room. Still, it was a great time as some of the video during this period would be played that night at the reception. It’s what they call a SDE (same day edit). It’s pretty special and well worth doing if you get married here in the Philippines.


A lot of photos of the guys and girls were taken separately during this time, as well as pics of the clothing and shoes and accessories. While much of the day seemed like a bit of a blur as there was so much going on, it was also a lot of fun as well.

One of the things I really liked about Infinity Studios is there use of a drone to capture some aerial footage of the event. It adds a touch of the spectacular and really puts the videos on another level, making the whole event look like a movie production.


The Wedding Ceremony

My Beautiful Filipina BrideNow I’m really nervous. I was so calm in the days leading up to the wedding, but not now. The big moment has arrived, everything looks beautiful, I’m told I look fantastic in my black suit with red, long-sleeve shirt, and it’s all ready to take place. The guests have arrived, the entourage is all lined up to make their appearances and the officiating court judge is there at the ‘altar’ waiting to get proceedings underway.

Our fashion designer, Joey and his crew, did an incredible job with the clothing. They had to outfit more than twenty people and had less than a month to put all the clothing together, so a huge shout out to Joey for a fantastic job well done.

One by one we’re called down to the ceremony. Nervously I walk down to stand before the judge. There I wait as more of the entourage arrive, including the flower girls and ring bearer. Then, the moment everyone’s been waiting for – especially me – the arrival of the bride.

All I can say is WOW! I’m about to get married to the hottest girl in the Philippines. She looks so stunning in her elegant, modern-style dress. Her hair looks magnificent, her bouquet is beautiful and her happy, smiling face just makes me melt. I feel like I’m in a dream at this point. Is this really happening? Am I truly about to marry this gorgeous woman, the girl of my fantasies?

Jeany looks nervous, but confident as she walks down the aisle to join first her mother, then myself. Unfortunately none of my family or friends could make the trip from Australia to the Philippines to be there for our wedding day, but I found comfort knowing that my stunning bride was surrounded by those who love her most. I take my bride by the arm and together we stand before the judge as proceeding get underway.

There are a few different rituals performed at a Filipino wedding, whether it be a civil wedding like ours, or a church wedding. There is the giving of coins from groom to bride, the laying of a veil over the couple and a few other requirements when getting married in this country. There were also the usual formalities, being pronounced husband and wife, the first kiss, signing of the contracts and the lighting of the Unity Candle. All in all it was a great experience.


Once again it was official photo time. As the ceremony got started later than scheduled, the light was fading fast and we had to rush through the mandatory family and group photos a little, then my bride and I were whisked away to have more photos taken alone. Again some video footage to be used in the SDE was shot, then it was off to the room to freshen up for our official arrival at the reception.


The Wedding Reception

Entrance To CeremonyWe hired a wedding coordinator to help organise our wedding for us and she did an incredible job. Her name is Janelle and her company is Precious Beginnings by Janelle. Without her tireless help and patience this day would not have been a touch on what it turned out to be. She helped us create such an intimate and glamorous wedding, everything my bride and I hoped it would be.

Right before our entrance to the reception, the video interview from our prenuptial shoot is played on the big screen for everyone to view. After that an announcement is made and we arrive at the reception to loud applause and a shower of glitter. Once we reached the front of the reception area we are interviewed briefly by the MC before cutting the wedding cake, then it was time for our first official dance as a married couple. Immediately following our first dance is a Filipino tradition called the Money Dance. This is where the couple dance slowly while guests pin money to their clothing. It’s another fun thing to experience at a Filipino wedding.

Speeches from sponsors, best man and matron of honour followed, then it was time for the six course dinner. One thing Filipinos love to have at a feast is Lechon Baboy – a spit-roasted pig. We had two, so the guests were very happy.

After dinner and the showing of the SDE video, my bride and I returned to our room for a change of clothing. While we were doing this some party games were being played at the reception, for which winners received small prizes. I removed my jacket and tie while Jeany exchanged her wedding gown for a hot and sexy little red party dress. Man, she looked sizzling, smoking hot in that. I’m so lucky. We then returned to the reception for some more formalities and the after party.

Sizzling Red Dress

By this stage I was feeling relieved that it was done. Everything had gone to plan, the day and evening were a great success with many of the guests complimenting our wedding. Finally Jeany and I could relax and just enjoy ourselves. A few of us went into town to a bar after the wedding, where we unwound with some more drinks and dancing. All in all it was a memorable day, one I will treasure for the rest of my life.

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  1. Hello
    l have really enjoyed your post, did l tell you the pictures are wonderful?they really are.
    You mentioned you had a civil wedding, what does giving coins in a Filipino wedding signify?
    Glad you shared this,happy im lucky enough to have found and read it,really a good read.
    Wish you a successful married life.

    1. Hi and thanks for reading my post, and thanks for the nice comments. The giving of the coins just symbolises sharing everything with each other and looking after each other, joining together in life rather than living separate existences. There are a few little rituals like that in a Filipino wedding, but overall the process is pretty similar to the Western way of doing things.

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