Asian Brides: Why Marry A Filipina?


So, why marry a Filipina?

My question to you is: Why not?

If you find the right woman in the Philippines there are just so many positives to forming a relationship with her and ultimately marrying her. No matter where you are searching for love, we all know it’s not easy to find the right partner, but I guarantee you if you do find the right Filipina, it’ll be well and truly worth your time and effort.

Here are just a few great reasons why you should seek out and marry a woman from the Philippines.



Filipina BeautyWhile not every woman in the Philippines is a smoking hot babe, there are a lot of attractive women in this island nation. They have a unique cultural mix. Many of them are petite with exotic and attractive facial features, long, dark and lustrous hair and they really look after themselves as best they can; especially their skin. While it’s not absolute, from what I’ve observed a lot of the more beautiful ones are the women that want to meet foreigners. That’s not always the case, but I think the more attractive ones have the confidence to meet Western guys. So, chances are if you want to get involved with a Filipina, the ones that’ll be most interested will be quite beautiful looking girls. Although there is a lot more to a relationship and marriage than looks alone, who wouldn’t want a hot wife?


She Will Look After You

Filipinas are not subservient. I just want to make that clear. These women are strong-willed and have a mind of their own. However, they have been brought up a certain way and to respect and follow a group of values. One of those values is to always look after the man in their lives.

If you’re sick she will look after you. Every day she will cook for you, wash and iron your clothes, clean house. When you sit down for dinner sometimes she will want to feed you – literally. If you need to talk about anything she will listen to you. She will also go anywhere you want to take her. She just wants to be by your side.

These women are really devoted to their partners, and that devotion really makes a man want to look after her in his own way. It’s makes for a beautiful, loving relationship; the way I believe relationships are meant to be.


Filipinas Love Cooking

As I mentioned above she will enjoy cooking for you and for others. Food is quite possibly the number one thing in Filipino culture. Everything is about food, every victory, every celebration, all of their festivals.

Because many Filipinos are poor, and at times millions of them have gone without food, they really appreciate their food, no matter how lavish or simple. They feel guilty if they ever have to throw any food away. Most of the time they don’t have too, for if they have too much in one meal, they’ll either eat it the next day or offer it to a neighbour.

Most people from the Philippines – whether male or female – know how to cook. They may not know how to cook everything, but they sure know how to cook Filipino food. So be rest assured your Filipina wife will not only know how to cook, she’ll love to cook!


Filipinas Are Great Mothers

It’s probably a little different when they’re living in the Philippines compared to overseas, because they have such large extended families to help out, but Filipinas are very good mothers. Take a trip to the Philippines and you’ll find that most of the children are disciplined, well-behaved and respectful; particularly to adults. And they are happy! Rich or dirt poor, most of these children have very happy dispositions.

Filipinas rear their children with both love and discipline. The children generally will help out with any task or chore. They will be trained from the moment they can walk and talk to respect their parents, older siblings, adults and the elderly. In my opinion, from what I know and have observed, you couldn’t ask for a better mother for your children than a Filipina.


She Will Love You ForeverShe Will Love You Forever

Possibly the most important and strongest reason of all to marry a Filipina.

As I stated at the beginning of this post, if you find the right one she truly will be a devoted and loving wife for the rest of your days. She will go anywhere with you, do anything for you, always show affection, give you the best sex you’ve ever had, and she will love you like you’ve never been loved before.

These women really place a high value on relationships of every kind, but they especially value the love and companionship they find with their partner. If you treat her well, look after her and show her love, she will be a devoted and loving wife for the rest of your days.


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