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Readers of my website will know that I’m pro Filipina. I met a beautiful and wonderful young woman from the Philippines and I’m now married to her. But while I’m an advocate of the advantages of meeting a girl from the Philippine Islands, I also realise it’s not the only country in Asia where you can find your Asian beauty.


People I Know With Asian Partners

My older brother is one. He has been happily married to a wonderful woman from Taiwan for 15 years now. They have a teenage daughter. While he didn’t have to travel to Taiwan to meet her (he met her in Australia), she still epitomised the characteristics he was looking for in a wife and he found himself attracted to those cultural nuances that you really only find in Asian women.

My young nephew is another. He met his now-wife online. She is from South Korea. He travelled there to see her, she came out to Australia for a visit. They successfully applied for a Prospective Marriage Visa and got married in Australia. They are now living happily together in the nation’s capitol.

I have a friend who is a real estate agent and he has been married to his Japanese partner for over 20 years. They have more of an old fashioned relationship by today’s standards, where she takes care of the home and he goes out to work. But they’re happy with this set up and it works harmoniously for them.

I also have many Filipina friends in Australia who are all happily married to Australian partners and have managed to bridge both the cultural and geographical boundaries. The very thing I notice about these relationships is everyone is happy and these unions seem to work really well.

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Why Do These Interracial Relationships Work?

I don’t have all the answers to that question, but I have personally seen enough evidence first-hand that proves these relationships between Western men and Asian women can and do work very well. I’m not saying every interracial relationship is pure romantic bliss and without problems, but so many of them prove to be harmonious.

There is often a word of warning about cultural differences causing issues in these relationships, but I actually believe the cultural differences play a huge part, not only in the attraction between the partners, but in making the relationships work. It’s these unique differences in background, upbringing, appearance, values and attitudes that makes these unions so attractive in the first place.


Go Online

If you want to meet a beautiful Asian lady, whether she be from the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Thailand or one of the many other countries in the region, then the best way is to go online to do it. Join one or several dating sites that cater to the Asian region; sites that specialise in matching Asian women with foreign men.

You can read reviews of a few here.

I usually recommend joining Filipino Cupid on my site, being a site mostly devoted to meeting Filipinas, but if you would like to target other Asian countries, then Cupid Media has a more general site called “Asian Dating”. It’s very similar to Filipino Cupid in its layout and ease of use, as well as being free to set up a profile and have a look around.

So give it a go and click on the banner below. Set up your free profile and start the search now for your Asian beauty dream girl!



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