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~ Filipino Cupid Review ~

While there are many sites out there that cater to the Asian market, I can vouch for Filipino Cupid online dating from personal experience, as I’m about to marry my beautiful Filipina right here in the Philippines. I can’t say that joining Filipino Cupid will guarantee you dating success, but what I can say is I’ve had success there and so have many thousands of others.


Overview Of Filipino Cupid

Part of the Cupid Media group of dating sites, Filipino Cupid is a quality dating site with so many active members. The basis of the site is Filipinos looking to find a partner, whether it be someone in the Philippines or someone from abroad. There are loads of nice and attractive Filipino ladies on there genuinely looking for love, and many of them are searching for a foreign man. If that’s you and you are hoping to meet a beautiful Filipina like I have, then I recommend giving this dating site a go and see what happens.

Another thing to take note of is this: The majority of the Filipino members on the site are females actively seeking a guy, while the majority of the males on there are foreigners. That’s the real appeal of this dating site – Filipino lady seeks foreign man.

Join Filipino Cupid


The Filipino Cupid Dating Site

It’s a very well laid out site that is both easy on the eye and quite simple to understand and navigate. In order to fully view the site you are required to set up a free profile so you can browse around. You don’t have to complete all the information right away, and you can always go back and edit anything you write just to get started, but you will need to fill out some basic information so you can get going. It is advisable that you upload at least one decent photo to get started, as you will get very little attention with no profile pic. Over time you should aim to have at least 3 or 4 photos on there. Make your main pic a clear head shot so the ladies can see your face clearly.

Once you have some basic profile data and at least one pic, you’ll start getting contact from Filipinas almost immediately. Chances are you will receive so much interest that you won’t even need to conduct any of your own searches, but if you do want to search the online profiles you can filter your searches with very specific criteria if you wish.

To help you learn more about the site there is even a getting started tour of the basic features. It’ll run you through setting up your profile, how to show interest and make contact with site members, and how to use the messaging functions. It’s all very easy, really.

There is a function in the menu bar called “Matches”. What this does is bring up a list of women that the analytics of the site thinks would be a good match for you based on the information in your profile. That’s another good reason to fill out all aspects of your profile and make it as detailed as possible. This will give you a much better chance of connecting with Filipinas you might really like more quickly and seamlessly.

There is a lot of search criteria you can input if you wish, some of which is locked until you upgrade your membership. You can save favourite searches and even search for Filipinas who are on the site but living and working abroad.

At the bottom of every page is a secondary menu which contains some useful links. On one tab you can access an area of the site where members have uploaded their success stories. It’s always heartening to read about the success of others when you’re embarking on your journey to find love. Another good section is devoted to dating safety, which offers tips and advice on internet dating, when you meet in person, and watching out for online scams and fake profiles.



  • At any time of the day or night there are thousands of members actively online. Some dating sites hardly have any activity at certain times of the day, but FC is always active and alive.
  • Most of the Filipinos on the site are females hoping to meet foreign men.
  • There are just so many attractive, genuine, friendly and warm women on Filipino Cupid, and many of them are not shy to make the first move if they’re interested in you. They want things to happen.
  • If a girl on Cupid likes you she tends to be more focused about getting to know you than some of the women are on other dating sites around the world.
  • The site is very easy to navigate and is not too cluttered.
  • You will receive real time notifications any time someone shows you interest, views your profile or sends you a message.
  • The site also has a chat function in addition to the messaging, which makes chatting one-on-one a lot more convenient.
  • Profile are very detailed if people can be bothered filling in all the information. It even asks for bust, waist and hip sizes for women, yet most never fill this part in.
  • There are loads of young Filipinas (often as young as 19) looking to meet foreigners, and they often don’t care how old you are or what country you come from. I’m 20 years older than my bride.



  • You can’t read messages sent to you unless you upgrade your membership to a paid subscription.
  • As with any internet dating site you will get a few bogus profiles; people who aren’t genuine, lie about their photos and details, or are running some kind of scam.
  • Many of these Filipinas don’t fill out much of their profile information. In a way it’s good because they’re not too fussy, but it does make finding someone compatible just a little bit harder.
  • Nag screens keep popping up asking you to complete your profile if you haven’t filled in all the details.


Membership Prices

There are 3 levels of membership on Filipino Cupid:

  1. Free
  2. Gold – from AUD $11.66 per month
  3. Platinum – from AUD $13.33 per month

If you really want to take full advantage of everything the website has to offer, then you really need to upgrade at least to Gold level at some point. I don’t think it’s necessary to upgrade to Platinum (and I never did), but at least Gold. If you’re serious about interacting with these lovely ladies and finding your match, then there’s no way you’ll be able to accomplish that by remaining a Free member.

I’ve included a comparison chart below that illustrates what the different levels of membership offer.

Filipino Cupid Compare Memberships


My Verdict

If you want to find yourself a nice Filipina for romance or possibly eventual marriage, then I highly recommend giving Filipino Cupid a try. It worked for me. Maybe that makes me a little biased towards this particular dating site, but the point is: My situation is proof that it can work.

If it can work for me, then it can work for you too.




6 thoughts on “Find Love With Filipino Cupid Online Dating

  1. Hi, this seems to be a pure male topic (ha ha) but I still like to write you a comment. Nowadays, internet is full of these kinds of dating site advertisement e.g. in Russia, they have even some courses for young girls: how to find a rich man etc. and many of them just want to have a better life somewhere else and get some money. So I just wonder, do they have filters for those gold diggers or they do not care what kind of women sing in. If I was a man, I would like to know that they are honest. :)

    1. Hi Jess. Yes it is a site aimed at males, but thanks for stopping by anyway.

      Dating sites aren’t all full of scammers, and it’s a bit of a stereotype to assume any woman from an Asian country or Russia or wherever is a gold digger. There are those that are digging for gold, sure, but dating sites in the Western world have plenty of people like that too, even more so, possibly.

      Filipino Cupid is just one of over 30 dating sites worldwide that belong to the Cupid Media company. Cupid Media is actually based where I live, in Queensland, Australia. They’ve been around for a long time and their sites are legitimate dating sites aimed at genuine singles.

      To pick a scammer, gold digger, or anyone who in disingenuous is really up to the users of the site. Guys often think with the wrong part of their anatomy when it comes to women. If they think with their brain, use common sense and take their time in getting to know someone properly, then their chances of getting scammed are vastly reduced. Cupid even devotes an entire section of the site explaining what to look out for to avoid scams and spotting profiles that are potentially fake.

      I just got married to my Filipina last month here in the Philippines. If anything, when I was first on the site, I was bordering on the side of being paranoid, making sure whoever I was talking to was genuine, wasn’t a lady boy (the Philippines has loads of lady boys, some that look more like women than some of the women do), wasn’t just after money or whatever. I couldn’t be happier.

  2. Hi, I just visited your site to have a look and maybe leave a comment? First off, the colour content is amazing, gives a very warming feeling, and installs a sense of relaxation, and trust. The picture header is amazing, just makes me want to sign up just to go swiming there! love your content, and lots of different offers going on here, with some great affiliate links. love the way your not pushing for anyone to sign up, seems to be no sense of desperation on your site at all, which i think is my down fall! great pictures of pretty girls, which tells me of the quality of your product, and again the trust factor. like your pros and cons section, and ending the page was very good. In all i personally think your on to a winner here, well done.

    1. Thanks so much for reading and for your kind words, Glenn. There are a lot of beautiful women in the Philippines and they are lovely people, too. There is a lot to explore as well, and with over 7000 islands, you probably couldn’t see it all in a lifetime. I managed to find my wife through being a member of Filipino Cupid and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. My hope is to help other guys who might be interested in an Asian lady to be able to do the same.

  3. I love your Filipino Cupid Review…i would have loved it if i were in the Philippines that way it would have been much easier for me. Its such a pity that am in Africa hence making it not easy for me. But am sure that this review is going to help a lot of people in the Philippines to find love online

    1. Hi and thanks for reading. Filipino Cupid is not just restricted to the Philippines. People from all over the world chat to Filipino women on Cupid. I’m from Australia and met my wife through Filipino Cupid. Of course, I had to travel to the Philippines a few times, but it was well worth it.

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