How Successful Is Online Dating?


Online DatingIf you’ve never found love over the internet before and are contemplating using an online dating site for the first time, then one of the questions that come to mind may be: How successful is online dating?

In my personal experience, extremely successful?

I’m about to marry my fiancé whom I met online through a dating site called Filipino Cupid. She’s a Filipina and the site is obviously targeted at finding love in the Philippines. Even though this website you are now reading is aimed at men interested in Filipino women, anything I say in this post is relevant to anyone searching for love online, no matter what country they come from or what race they may be seeking.


Variations Of Internet Dating

Internet or online dating is a very broad term. It encompasses so many different things. Some people go online looking for a quick local hook up, and there are many adult sites catering to this huge market. There are websites purely devoted to people who are married and looking to have affairs. Some people put themselves out there on a dating site simply to make some new friends. Maybe they’ve just moved to a new place and don’t know anyone, and just want to meet some people who can show them around.

Even though the adult hook up scene is huge on the internet, I’d say dating sites catering to those people looking for true love dominate the scene. At the end of the day, as humans, we all seek and desire love and companionship. That’s what I was looking for, and that’s partly why I created this website – “Finding Filipinas”. To help other men do the same thing I did.

I found true love in the Philippines and I just know there are many men out there who could do what I’ve managed to do. My website is not a dating site. It is simply an information portal for men who are hoping to find a loving Filipina, and a way for other males to learn more about the great opportunities searching for love in the Philippines has to offer.


The Advantages Of Online Dating

Internet DatingThe biggest advantage of all is that you can connect with people from all over the world!

I was sitting in my living room at home in Australia when I first started chatting to my now fiancé in the Philippines. Without the power of the internet that would never have been possible. Even in your home country or home town, online dating sites give you the opportunity to meet people you may never have met in ordinary everyday life.

Another great thing about internet dating is that it levels the playing field so everyone is competing on more equal terms. I’m more alluding to social skills here, as well as the opportunities to be social. You could be the shyest of people and still manage to make connections and have conversations with people on an internet dating site. There are many subtle ways to break the ice with someone. You don’t have to be that super confident, talk to anyone kind of dude you might often see doing the rounds at your local night clubs. Even the quietest of people have a good shot on a dating site.

Whether male or female, you get to progress things at your own pace. You can get to know someone better from the comfort and safety of your own home until you feel confident and interested enough to actually meet them in person.

With dating online it’s also easier to play a numbers game. I mean that in a positive way, not just spreading yourself around. What I’m getting at is if one contact doesn’t work out, finding someone else to get to know is literally only a few mouse clicks away. And there are new people joining these sites every single day.

You can join multiple sites to search for people locally. You will encounter some of the same people, but you will also be introduced to some new faces, giving you even more opportunity to find “the one”.

Another great thing about online dating is the variety of sites targeting a particular dating niche. Some examples being:

  • Asian dating
  • Black Dating
  • Christian dating
  • Gay and Lesbian Dating

The list goes on…..

Once I decided I wanted to meet a Filipina I did a quick search in Google and chose Filipino Cupid as my hunting ground, so to speak. And I’m so glad I made that decision. Within weeks I was in touch with the girl I am now so in love with. You can read my review of Filipino Cupid here.


The Disadvantages Of Online Dating

Nothing on planet earth is all positive with no negatives whatsoever, and internet dating is no different. There are some downsides as well.

One of the main ones I noticed was the inability to get women focused when I was searching for someone. With so many people to choose from and so many guys vying for their attention, it was often hard to get to know someone for any decent period of time. There’s always someone new appearing, someone else getting in touch. Too many options can be bad for people. It makes it very difficult to make a decision. Often, in the end, no decision is made at all.

Oddly enough, once I stepped away from dating sites targeting my home country and joined Filipino Cupid, I didn’t find I encountered this problem anymore. These Filipinas were very focused once you connected with them. They love foreigners, and if they like you they willingly give you their undivided attention in most cases.

Some people create bogus profiles, or put up photos of themselves that are either years old, or of a completely different person. This isn’t the norm, but it does happen. It’s also very easy to lie about the information one includes in their profile as well. It’s far easier to speak the BS when hiding behind a computer. That’s where diligence and taking your time to get to know someone really work to your advantage.

Then there are the tyre kickers, those who are just browsing the store and not really looking to buy anything. People who are bored and killing time, and people who just want to get attention. These people become pretty obvious very quickly.

There are also scammers prowling dating sites, people whose entire objective is to fleece either money or personal details from someone. I’ll be covering internet dating scams in more detail in a future post.


So, Is Online Dating Successful?

Successful Online DatingIn my personal opinion the answer to that is a resounding YES!

Not only have I found love over the internet, but so too have many countless millions of others. I personally know people who have happy relationships with men or women they met online; some local and some overseas partners.

All you need to do is perform a Google search about the statistics of online dating and you’ll be presented with a whole bunch of information. An interesting fact that statistics show is that there is almost an equal number of both men and women searching for love online. It is by no means a guy fest. The numbers are pretty even.

There is nothing wrong with continuing to find love the conventional way by meeting and interacting with people offline. After all, the human race has been successfully doing this for thousands of years. But the online world literally opens up a whole world of new opportunities. If you want to connect with people on the other side of the world, you can, and all in real time!

Dating online is an exciting realm. The possibilities are endless. Never before in human history has there been the opportunity to search every corner of the globe for your true love!

I suggest you give Filipino Cupid a try. Just click on the banner below and browse the many profiles for FREE! There’s no obligation of any kind. Well worth a try. It worked for me in a big way.




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  1. LOL that caught me off guard. I had initially thought it said to find Filipinos. Like what is that even popular? LOL Filipino watching like bird watching.
    Then caught on and amazing work with great information, theme, and style. You can truly hear your voice come out as if I was talking to you, not reading your writing.
    Zach C.
    Market Merchant (MM+)

    onlinejobmarketsecrets marketmerchant org

    1. Hi Zach,

      It actually is a website about meeting Filipinas. I just got married to one in October and lots of foreign guys come to the Philippines to meet women; especially ones they’ve connected with online through sites like Filipino Cupid and others.

      Thanks for your kind comments. Having met the love of my life in the Philippines I guess I’m rather passionate about this subject and just want to let others know what it’s like here and what the people are like.

      Thanks for reading. Cheers.

  2. Hi There,

    What a nice article and very helpful, I really enjoyed reading it!
    My sister was alone for a long time until she use the online dating. Today she is married and have a baby and have a very happy life thanks to the online dating!
    I personally think that using an online dating to meet the right person is absolutely awesome. You have the time to speak and meet one another and what’s also great is that we can see each other through chat.
    Thank you very much for this helpful blog

    1. Online dating is definitely the way of the modern world, and I’m happy to hear it worked for your sister. It also gives you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, even just as friends. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, Daniella.

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