Filipino Women Seeking Men – Why They Love Foreigners

Filipinas Love Foreign MenWhy do Filipino women love foreign men? Are they all searching for a better life? Do they make the erroneous assumption that all foreigners are wealthy? Do they simply not find the men from their own country appealing?

Many Filipino women seeking men seem to be wanting to meet guys from overseas. They get on the internet to search for foreign men whom they can connect with. Whether it be internet dating sites, social media such as Facebook, or getting referrals from friends who have already hooked up with foreigners, so many Filipinas are hoping and praying to connect with men outside of their own country.


The Hope of a Better Life

It’s true, and these women will admit it. Many of them want to meet foreigners because they are hoping to find a better life for themselves; a life with more opportunities and more abundance. That doesn’t mean they’re all gold diggers and seeking a rich guy.

I live in Australia and have been to the Philippines three times now to spend time with my lady. Our quality of life in the Western World is so much higher than what you’ll find here in the Philippine Islands. That statement is not designed as a put down to the Philippines. It’s just stating a fact. Many people in the Philippines are dirt poor. There are the wealthy, just like anywhere, but the majority don’t have much. And while these women are not all seeking riches, just having the chance to live overseas with the man they love is a huge increase in their quality of life.


They Find Foreigners More Attractive

Okay, some Filipinas do hook up with men way, way older than what they are, and in some circumstances it may be a bit of a trade off, but the general consensus here in the Philippines is that foreign males are much more attractive to Filipinas than men of their own race.

Being a man from overseas walking the streets in the Philippines can be akin to being a pop star or movie star. All eyes are on you, women smile at you, girls want to meet you. Even many of the men want to chat to you just because you’re different and they’re curious. They love foreigners here.

The bottom line is Filipinas think foreign men are HOT!


Red RoseFilipino Women Consider Foreigners More Romantic

One of the main things I’ve learnt through being involved with a Filipina, chatting to her friends and just spending time in the country, is that foreign men tend to treat these women better than Filipino men do. That’s not to say there aren’t nice, genuine males in the Philippines, but these women prefer the treatment they receive from foreigners and they are much more attracted to the personalities and lifestyles of guys from other countries.

Countless times I’ve heard Filipinas say that foreigners are way more romantic in their attitudes and gestures, show more love and kindness and affection, are more fun to be with, more generous to their ladies, and generally more fun to spend time with.


Filipinas Love Mixed Children

These girls love children, and if you decide to date a Filipina seriously, or perhaps even marry her, then expect that she is probably going to want to have at least one baby with you.

Filipinos in general love mixed babies. They just think these children are so much more gorgeous for being a mix of Filipino and white. They adore pale skin and have products everywhere in this country designed to whiten their native tones.

To Filipinos mixed babies are revered. As adults these mixed race offspring get more opportunities in the Philippines (should they be living there) and are just considered to be way more attractive looking.


They Are Intrigued About Other Countries

Filipinas have a naturally adventurous spirit and love to travel abroad if they get the opportunity. For many of them the only way they get to see other countries is if they can secure overseas work. Part of the appeal of having a foreign partner is the opportunity it offers to live abroad in a country that has more to offer than their own.


To Wrap Up

All the reasons Filipinas love foreign men are quite valid. They’re certainly not all gold diggers or just looking for a ticket out of their own country. I know hundreds of them, both in the Philippines and in Australia, and I love their company and hospitality. Many of my friends are Filipino, both guys and girls, and I have a Filipina wife.

If you’re a single man from another country and you want to go Asian, then go Filipina. It’ll be the best decision you ever made.




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