Relationships For Older Men – Dating A Filipina


Relationships for Older MenThink you’re getting too old for a loving romantic relationship?

Do you believe all the good women are already taken?

Tired of being alone and having no one special to share life with?

In my opinion you are never too old. There are plenty of options for relationships for older men out there in the world; especially if you’re willing to look beyond your own shores.

Dating a Filipina (a woman from the Philippines) is the perfect option. Age is no real barrier to these women. I’m married to a Filipina who is 20 years younger than myself. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the Philippines and have travelled all over the country. In some cases I’ve seen foreign men in their 70s walking hand in hand with a woman who is barely 20. That’s probably a more extreme example, but it’s common over there.


Why Do Filipinas Like Older Men?

These women are serious about their relationships and they know older men are generally more settled, more sincere and definitely more ready to commit to a romantic union. Filipinas want stability and security, and to be loved and cherished. Younger guys tend to be more free and easy and may travel somewhere like the Philippines just to find an easy lay or ten, whereas the more mature gents tend to be seeking a connection on a deeper level.

From what I can gather, another major reason is that Filipino women say older men treat them better, have more respect for them and their families and are just all round much more romantic in their attitude and gestures.

Guys who are more mature tend to be a lot more responsible as well. Filipinas tend to have children when they’re quite young, and there’s a chance she will want to have children in her future. An older man is more likely to want this too, or at least be willing to accept a Filipina’s children from a previous marriage.


Don’t Let Children Put You Off

Filipino ChildrenFilipinas are fantastic mothers, so don’t let the possibility of having children put you off. If you really don’t want to have more children of your own, then choose a lady who already has a child. She may be okay with not having any more.

A word about Filipino children: They are, for the most part, very well disciplined and behaved. They are reared with strong family values, are not lazy, will usually do as you ask without putting up a fight and very much respect adults and elderly people. These attitudes are instilled in them from a very young age. And another thing: you would be hard-pressed to find happier children anywhere in the world!


She Will Shower You With Love

Filipinas are extremely loving and affectionate, and they want a man who will be that way in return. They love to be loved, adore belonging to someone and having a decent man walking by their side through life. If you find a good one, they are committed and loyal and will love you forever. Show them love, show them affection and you’ll not only win her heart, but have it for life.


Age Really Doesn’t Matter

As I mentioned earlier, age really isn’t an issue. So many Filipinas get together with guys much older than themselves. And they love foreigners. To the uneducated, people think it’s all about money. It’s not. There are many reasons why they love foreign men.

You can read my post on it here.

If you’re a man in your 60s, there’s every chance you can be dating women from the Philippines in their 20s and 30s, if that’s what you desire. If you prefer a woman who is older, then there are plenty of single women in their 40s and 50s as well.

Don’t let age become a barrier. Forget about how old you are. It’s irrelevant in many parts of Southeast Asia. It really is.


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