Tips For Dating Filipino Women

Tips For Dating Filipino WomenWhile dating a Filipina isn’t completely different to dating a Western girl, there are some quirks and cultural differences to be mindful of, especially on those first few crucial dates. In this post I’ll briefly touch on a few specific tips for dating Filipino women, just so you have the heads up. Maybe you’ve already met her in person, or perhaps you are about to. Either way, hopefully you will find this article helpful.



This one is pretty common, but not necessarily standard procedure for every single Filipina. When meeting a Filipina for the first time – whether in the Philippines or one locally – often she will bring along a friend or relative as a chaperone on the first date. Sometimes she will bring along several other people, or meet up in a group situation.

In part this is for safety and not an unwise thing to do. Sometimes the family insists on meeting you right off the bat and tend to intrude and interrogate on that initial date. This doesn’t happen with everyone, but it does happen. Another thing with Filipinas is they can be a little shy and lack confidence at first, and they prefer to have at least one friend along so they feel more comfortable.

Consider this, too. These girls come from a country that is crowded. The Philippines might be comprised of over 7000 islands, but it’s not a big place as far as land mass goes, and it’s home to nearly 100 million people. They’re not used to doing many things alone, so don’t be surprised if she shows up on that first meeting with a friend or relative in tow. Just take it in your stride, be polite and get through that first date. On the second or third date she is more likely to go out with you alone.


Dining Out

Filipino people in general love to eat. Food means a great deal to them, as many have gone without on many occasions throughout their lives. They also enjoy having numerous dishes to choose from at any one meal as they like variety; a variety of Filipino cuisine, at least.

If you take your Filipina out for dinner, particularly on one of your early dates when you’re still getting to know each other, she may be inclined to order up big, choosing much more food than she is capable of eating in one sitting. She will try it all, but not eat it all. If that’s within your budget to let her taste test most of the menu, then fine. Let her go for it. But if not, you’ll have to reel her taste buds in a little and settle for just four or five dishes between the two of you. If you’re in the Philippines, serving sizes at restaurants and eateries are pretty small anyway, so you’ll need a few dishes at least to fill you up.

Not all Filipinas will order up big, but it is a fairly common theme on first or second dates with a foreign man.



Treat Her With Respect

These women are really big on this, and they’ll generally show you the same respect in turn. They want to be treated well. They’re naturally very feminine by nature, petite and quite sensitive. Be nice to her, give her a bit of the princess treatment. They respond favourably to this, rather than take advantage of it. Don’t try and force yourself onto her physically if she’s reluctant, or constantly try to coerce her into bed. Let her take things to the next level when she’s ready.

Trust me, she’ll let you know when she is. Filipinas are highly sexual.


Show Her Some Affection

Show Her AffectionIf the date is going well, by all means show her some attention and affection. Hold her hand over the dinner table, or when you are walking. Give her a kiss on the forehead or the cheek. Embrace her from time to time. Don’t be a sleazebag, but show her genuine affection. Filipinas love this and they love being affectionate in return.

If you really like her, showing her extreme interest or love by being physically affectionate will go a long way towards winning her heart. She craves for a man to feel this way about her, one who isn’t afraid to show how he feels about her no matter where you are or who you’re with.


Meeting Her At Her Home

If your Filipina is quite young, say under 25, then chances are she still lives at home with her family. Particularly in the provinces, Filipinos in general don’t tend to move out and share a house or apartment with a group of friends. Filipino women especially tend to stay at home with their parents until they’re in a serious relationship or get married.

If you are meeting your Filipina for the very first time and it happens to be at her home, be ready to have your ‘date’ in the main living room with possibly her parents and siblings present. Maybe even a few cousins from next door thrown in for good measure. This is common.

Be very attentive to her family, and her parents in particular. Be polite, meet and greet everyone and try and have a conversation with a few of them as well as your girl. Bring your lady some flowers, and also bring something along for the other family members. Maybe a big box of chocolates or a cake. They not only like this, they kind of expect it and it’ll seem somewhat rude of you if you don’t bring along some sort of family offering.


Be A leader

As I mentioned earlier, many Filipinas can be quite shy, timid and quiet; especially around foreigners and when you first meet them. It’ll be up to you to take the lead with conversation and get that ice broken. If she likes you she’ll be responsive, and she’ll loosen up in time as she gains confidence and feels more comfortable in your company.

Don’t just stop there, though. Take the lead – respectfully – as much as possible throughout the date. Even though many of them are quite modern, these women still have old-fashioned values at heart and like a man to be a man. They value the intrinsic qualities of a real man and they like the man to take the lead.

Be decisive, be confident but, above all, just be yourself and give her time to be herself as well.


Filipinas Are Very Trusting

This is one of the traits I love most about these women. Not only are they trusting, many of them are extremely loyal.

Don’t abuse this trust. Don’t spoil it. If you used to play mind games with women back home, or make up stories when chatting to ladies at bars and clubs, leave all that behind when you come to the Philippines to meet a girl. Be honest and open and real with her.

If you think she’s genuine, then treat her as such. Yes, there are manipulative women in the Philippines as well, and some of them like to play games, but the majority are not like that. What you see is what you get with them.

If you be deceitful to her, or play with her heart, you’ll lose her trust and loyalty forever.


Be Attentive To Her

Be genuinely interested in her. Ask her questions, take an interest in what she likes and enjoys. Don’t make the mistake of making the first date all about you, where you constantly waffle on about your interests, your job or career, or how much money you make. And definitely don’t talk about past relationship unless she brings up the subject. In my experience these girls have quite a jealous streak, so feel her out first before diving headlong into discussing past loves, either yours or hers.


Respect Her Culture And Beliefs

Filipino Cultural DifferencesIf you come from the Western world there are going to be major differences in some of your beliefs and definitely your culture. While you may not agree with everything Filipinos do and believe, it’s important that you at least respect their way of life just as much as you would like your Filipina to respect your culture and belief system.

Sure, you can both discuss these differences, but never put her down because of the differences. Just accept that the two of you are different in some ways and realise that these differences is part of what attracted the two of you together in the first place.


At The End Of The Date

If the first date went well and you want to see her again, don’t muck around when saying goodnight. Confidently tell her you want to see her again for a second date and make a suggestion as to when you would like to do that.

Also, unless she invites you into her home at the end of the night, or hints she would like to come back to your hotel room, just give her a kiss goodnight and leave it at that for now. There is plenty of time to take romance to the physical level on a future date. Don’t spoil that all-important first date by getting pushy about sex. It can wait.

It’ll be well worth it if you’re seriously interested in her.




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