Why Do Filipino Women Like Older Men?


Filipino Women Love Older MenNot every Filipina wants to date a man who is much older than herself, but in this country dating a guy who is considerably older than herself is very much an accepted part of Philippine culture. Compared to other countries in the world there is a much higher incidence of women dating older men in the Philippines.

So, why do Filipino women like older men?

I don’t profess to have all the answers myself, but I’ll attempt to cover some of the more common reasons in this post.


Older Men Are More Sincere

This is probably the most popular reason why many Filipinas looking for a serious relationship prefer men to be more “matured”. While younger guys – whether locals or foreigners – often just want to get with Filipino women for a bit of fun, older men tend to be more serious and genuine about pursuing a real relationship. Most of these girls are not interested in players. They are searching for the real deal. They’re very family orientated and relationship orientated and are not really interested in anything casual. They feel an older man’s heart is more likely to be in the right place.


Filipinas Love Romance

Older Men Are More RomanticRomance to a Filipina doesn’t have to entail anything extravagant or expensive. A simple bouquet of flowers or a small surprise gift is always met with much gratitude. Unless it’s Valentine’s Day, flowers in the Philippines are cheap and can cost as little a $5 for a dozen roses made up in a lovely bouquet. Romance isn’t all about gifts and trinkets or candlelit dinners; romance is an attitude, a state of mind. It’s how you think and feel about the girl that is really going to matter to her. Older men tend to be more genuine with their romantic gestures and aren’t just using their charms to get the girl into bed.



Being respectful and placing value on the word often becomes more prominent with age and maturity. If you find yourself a good Filipina she will show you the utmost respect virtually all the time, but this level of respect will not be maintained if it isn’t returned in kind. It’s yet another reason these women prefer men to be older, as there is usually a higher level of all-round respect; for themselves, for their lady and for everyone around them in general.




Filipino ladies seeking a sincere relationship are looking for a man who is responsible and won’t shirk his responsibilities. He will take care of her and the family, he’ll be diligent about finances and he will do whatever it takes to protect her and any children in the relationship. He will be a steady influence, a rock. His decisions will be firm and fair and have everyone’s best interests at heart. Once again Filipinas view older males as more likely to take on responsibility, and probably more likely to take on the responsibility of any children she may have from a previous relationship.


Love and Affection

Holding HandsJust about every woman on planet earth wants to feel loved, and the best way to feel loved by someone is by physical gestures. Filipinas are very touchy-feely. They love to be close to their man as much as possible, being kissed and hugged and caressed in an affectionate manner.

Of course younger men can show love and affection too, but the general consensus in the Philippines is that more mature men are better at it, tend to be more sincere with their words and actions, and aren’t just always after sex. Don’t get me wrong, Filipinas are highly-sexual and they want you to want them sexually, but they also want to know that you want to show them love regardless of sex.

They want everyone to know just how much you love them and they adore being shown affection in public places. She will want to hold your hand, put her arm around you, kiss you on the escalator in the mall, and she’ll want to know that you’re more than happy to do the same.


Security and Stability

Security isn’t all about money, although finances do play a big part. All of us – male or female – long to have a sense of security in our lives; knowing we have enough money, a good home, the support of a loving partner, close family ties and good friends. It’s all a part of being human.

Filipinas that are seeking a serious, long-term relationship are looking for security and stability with their chosen partner, and more often than not older men have achieved a higher level of security than younger men. This could be both financially, and in the man’s attitude towards his relationship.

There is a good chance your Filipina already has at least one child from a previous marriage as they tend to have children very early on in life. There is also a good chance she’ll want to have children with her new foreign man. These ladies love mixed babies and they are great mothers. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the Philippines and so many of the children are respectful and well behaved.

They just want to know that there man will look after them and be there for them no matter what.


To Sum Up

These are probably the main reasons Filipinas see older men as better catches and more relevant long-term partners. It’s not so much that they like ‘old guys’, but all of the above is very important to them. Filipinas are very family orientated and many of them come from a poor background. It only makes logical sense that if she is going to seek a man from abroad that life with him will be offering her something better than what she already has. If you find a good one she’ll be yours for life. In my opinion it’s well worth the challenge.

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