Why Do Men Like Filipino Women?

Animated-Flag-PhilippinesEvery year thousands of foreign men travel to the Philippines in search of a bride, partner or lover. While it’s true that many of the men are older (above the age of 50), younger men are also intrigued by women of the Filipino culture.

So why do men like Filipino women? What is it about Filipinas that has so many males from countries all around the world flocking to these tropical shores?



Why Men Like Filipino Women

This could be a very long list of highlights, but I’ll touch on the main ones from my own personal experience, and the experiences of other foreigners who have dated or married Filipino women.


Physical Beauty

Beautiful FilipinaWhen you hear people say that women from the Philippines are beautiful, they are not exaggerating. There are beautiful women everywhere in this country. That’s not to say that every Filipina resembles a glamorous supermodel, but there is a very high concentration of attractive women in this Southeast Asian country.

Some of that has to do with the mixture of Spanish blood with the culture, with much of the population now being a mixture of native, Chinese and Spanish. Some Filipinos are dark skinned while others have a much fairer complexion.

Filipinas are also a very petite race. While some of the foods definitely have a Western influence, their native diet tends to keep most on the slim side, both men and women.

For me, personally, I like the general height of Filipinas as nearly all of them are shorter than me (I’m only about 5’ 6”).


They Enjoy Looking After People

Often men are attracted to Filipinas because they enjoy doing things for their man. They like to look after him in their own way. This helpful nature is not just restricted to the man in their life, though. Filipinas will all help out each other, often willingly looking after someone else’s children, cooking and cleaning for others, running errands. There is a real community spirit amongst these women.

When one finds a man she loves she really enjoys finding ways to look after him and keep him happy. This is not done out of a subservient attitude, but one of natural respect and genuine desire.


Filipinas Don’t Waste Anything

With most Filipinas having grown up in environments of very little money and often not much food, these ladies don’t like to waste anything. If they happen to make too much for dinner, the leftovers will either be kept for another meal, or they’ll give it to someone in the neighbourhood who has nothing to eat. This is done even with something as cheap and simple as leftover rice. My Filipina even asks God for forgiveness if she ever has to throw food away. That’s how much food means to this culture.


Filipinas Are Great Cooks

It’s very ingrained into the Filipino culture for people (especially women) to learn to cook at a very young age. Just about everyone in the Philippines – male and female –  seem to know how to cook and prepare food. Eating and entertaining is a huge part of their culture and food takes on extremely high importance.


They Show A Lot Of Love

While Filipinas can seem a little shy when you first meet them, once they are comfortable in your presence they are extremely open when it comes to expressing their feelings. If a Filipina loves you, you’ll know about it. She won’t hide it. Instead, she will lavish you with love and affection wherever you both are. She won’t hold back in front of her family or friends, or in the mall, or anywhere. If she loves you and is attracted to you, it’ll be obvious 24/7/365!


Filipinas Love Intimacy

I can’t vouch for all Filipinas, but if you know anyone who has a Filipino woman, or read up on the internet, there is loads of talk to suggest these women don’t hold back in the bedroom. I can also state this from experience as I have a Filipina in my life who I love more than anything. She certainly never leaves me wanting for anything when it comes to sex.


Filipinas Are Fun To Be With

If you are lucky enough to find yourself a good Filipino lady you are bound to always have fun in her company. There are many things they don’t take too seriously. Even Filipinos who have no money still manage to smile and be friendly to everyone they meet. Filipinas have a great sense of humour and love a laugh. You will soon learn she finds humour in the silliest little things. Find a nice Filipina and I guarantee she’ll always put a smile on your face.

Filipino Birthday Party


They Speak Good English

In the Philippines it is mandatory to teach English in school. With a third of the country’s population working abroad at any given time, having multiple language skills is very important to this culture. While some of the older Filipinos may struggle with confidence in their English abilities, you will find most of the younger ones are quite proficient when it comes to the English language; especially once they are comfortable in your company and feel more confident to communicate.


They Appreciate The Smallest Things

The smallest of gifts or gestures will be highly appreciated by your Filipino girl. It doesn’t have to be a lavish, expensive bouquet of flowers or the latest perfume. Any gift or kind gesture of any nature will be noticed and be met with profuse gratitude. These girls just love to know that you care for them and are thinking about them.


Filipinas Are Very Clean And Dress Well

These ladies really look after themselves and their homes. It doesn’t matter whether they’re rich or poor, they’ll do the best with whatever they have available. Their personal hygiene is first class in a Third World environment. They are always washing themselves, looking after their dark and lustrous hair, know how to apply make up in a way that really enhances their natural beauty, and they are all very conscious of how they dress and present themselves in public.


They Like Adventure And Travelling

Adventure and TravellingIt’s little wonder that a third of the Philippine’s population works overseas. Not only do they want to earn better money than what they can earn in their own country, these people love to travel, see new places and have adventures. It’s one of the reasons they are attracted to foreign men. Even a foreigner in the Philippines is like a novelty and a drawcard. These people just love foreigners. It’s not all about seeking a better life abroad. They enjoy the company of foreigners in the Philippines as well.



To Sum Up

These women are very devoted and loving partners. I can vouch for that as I’m intimately involved with a Filipina whom I love dearly. I’m not saying that every woman in the Philippines is a great catch. Just like with every country and culture there are good people, and people who are not so good. The Philippines is no exception.

What I’m trying to get across in this post is that there are many wonderful and beautiful women in the Philippines, women that exude the above qualities. If you are searching for love abroad, then Filipinas get my vote.

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If you have any questions you think I might be able to answer, or have your own Filipina experiences to share, please feel free to comment below.



2 thoughts on “Why Do Men Like Filipino Women?

  1. A Correction, You say the Filipina looks are based on, “Some of that has to do with the mixture of Spanish blood with the culture, with much of the population now being a mixture of native, Chinese and Spanish. ” I have to make a correction here. YES while there is some Spanish Blood the majority is MEXICAN, YUP these guys are with the BEAN TEAM ! When Spain took over King Phillip put the Governor of Mexico in charge of the Philippines, Most of the Spanish went back to Spain, but a few stayed and THUS started the Galleon Trade, From Manila to Baja mexico & Acapulco Mexico.;;;The Manila Galleons (Spanish: Galeón de Manila, Tagalog: Kalakalang Galyon ng Maynila at Acapulco) were Spanish trading ships which made round-trip voyages once or twice per year across the Pacific Ocean from the port of Acapulco (present-day Mexico) to Manila in the Philippines which were both part of New Spain. Mexicans started making trip back and forth on the ships and thus interbread witnthe Filipinas, whick became more Mexican Than Spanish!

    1. Hi Rob, thanks for writing in and telling us about this. I hadn’t considered the Mexican influence and it certainly makes for some interesting additions to Filipino history. It sure is a diverse culture in the Philippines, and I think that’s one of the main things that appeals to me about this nation compared to other nations in SE Asia.

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