Filipino Women Are Gold Diggers – True Or False?

Filipino Women Are Gold DiggersWomen from the Philippines have long been tarred with the cliché of being gold diggers. Every myth, every cliché and every stereotype has an element of truth to it. That’s how they came into being in the first place. But seriously, while there certainly are some gold diggers in the Philippines (and there are gold diggers in every country and every society on Earth), that’s as big a generalisation as Filipinos thinking all Westerners are wealthy. That’s not true, either. Most Westerners are far from wealthy, many grinding out a modest existence from week to week.


What’s The Definition Of A Gold Digger?

Simple: Someone who is only after you for money and NOTHING else.

That’s it, short and sweet in one little sentence.


Many Filipinos Are Extremely Poor

While there are some wealthy people in the Philippines, the majority of people living in this nation in the tropics are dirt poor. A lot of family members usually all live together to save on accommodation costs, and the living conditions for your average Filipino household can be pretty ordinary at best.

Many Filipinas do seek a better life overseas, but not always through finding a foreign partner. Sometimes they’ll achieve this through sponsorship via a relative already living overseas. It’s true that some Filipinas marry for money, but then so do many women in Western cultures as well.

Most Filipinas who seek a foreigner to date and marry are generally hoping for a better life abroad. But can you really blame them? Most of us aspire to improving our lifestyles. It’s a natural part of being human, and it doesn’t matter whether you are Poverty In The Philippinesmale or female. Yes, these girls do want something better, but that doesn’t mean they are marrying for that alone. Filipinas love romance and having someone special in their lives. They want companionship and stability and to feel loved. So, just because she may want a better life for herself, doesn’t mean she’s not into you. Any guy who keeps his wits about him will be able to tell the difference if he takes his time and really gets to know the woman he’s interested in.


Wages Are Pitiful

Even someone with loads of training and a good career gets paid very little in the Philippines. And unskilled workers get next to nothing, maybe 400 pesos for a 12 hour day (that's about AUD $12 at current exchange rates). On top of that, the country has become obsessed with education, to the point where you are required to have a college degree to get a job in a retail store.

A lot of people have the assumption that the Philippines is a super cheap place to live, and that the low wages are relative to the low cost of living. True, you can live cheaply here if you have no debts and want to live like a native; with no power or running water and want to run around the jungle searching for food. But if you want to live a regular life, in a house with water and electricity, TV and the internet, the costs go way up. I come from Australia, and some things in the Philippines (electricity, fuel and cars for example) are more expensive than they are in my country. Many things are around the same price, while some things are much cheaper (usually services, but not goods).

Overall, all things considered, I’d say the cost of living in the Philippines for any reasonable standard, is about half of what Australia is. Yet wages here are not half. They are about 1/10th to 1/20th of what they are in Oz. Huge difference.


You Pay Every Step Of The Way

There are little fees for everything in this country. While they may not seem like a lot individually, they all add up. Every sort of tourist attraction or local activity will have fees attached. Environmental fees are a common one, even though extremely little is done in using those fees to care for the environment. There are customs fees to receive personal parcels in the mail, fees to go to some beaches, terminal fees, all manner of paperwork fees if you ever need anything from a government department. There always seems to be some sort of add on costs for just about everything you do here.


There’s No Social Security System

That’s right, no unemployment assistance or government pensions in the Philippines. If you have no job or you’re too old to work or incapable of working due to injury or illness, guess what? No cash. That’s just the way it is in this country. For this reason younger family members usually look after their parents financially. Or at least help out as best they can.

This is one of the main reasons so many Filipino people seek out overseas employment. In fact, a third of the country’s population is working abroad at any given time. They can earn much more money overseas and are often paid in US dollars. Much of this money is sent home to their families in a bid to try and make life a little easier for everyone closest to them. It’s just the Filipino way, born out of necessity as much as anything else.


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What Woman Doesn’t Want A Guy To Be Financially Stable?

Dollars UpSo, are Filipinas gold diggers because they want a better life and want a man with some financial stability? Name me a country in the Western world where women don’t care whether their man has a good job or any money. How many women in America, Australia or Great Britain don’t care whether their potential partner in life has any financial security, or is at least working towards attaining that?

One of the very first questions a guy gets asked by Western women when first meeting is “What do you do?” or “What’s your job?”. It’s just the way it is.

Yes, there are some gold diggers in the Philippines, but there are in every country. The vast majority of Filipinas don’t deserve to be labelled with that title. They are just decent, humble women who pray to someday have a better life.

And who can hold that against them?



8 Replies to “Filipino Women Are Gold Diggers – True Or False?”

    1. That’s true. You’ve got to meet them in person, but you can definitely get to know someone online first and then make plans to meet them in person. That’s what I did and I’m now very happily married.

  1. Philipinos character is a gold digger at its best , u did simplified gold digger definition although it has more than that. Anyway being poor and the conditions stated does not justify philipinos to be gold diggers , indian are even poorer and barely u see indian women gold diggers. True women want financial stability but philipinos will leave u once ur broke because they have no values other than money and this is how philipinos evaluate people

    1. Is your comment based on personal experience? To be honest, women from any country could leave you if you end up broke. It happens all the time, everywhere on Earth, not just the Philippines. I’ve spent several years in the Philippines. I’m married to a Filipina. I don’t have much money, but she’s still with me. A friend in Australia has a Filipina wife who lives with him there. They’ve been married over 10 years and she’s as loyal as they come. He’s only on a disability pension and has no money.

      Yes it’s true there are some scammers and gold diggers in the Philippines, but to label everyone from the Philippines a gold digger is a major generalisation and one that’s both unfounded and unfair. I personally know a lot of fantastic people here in the Philippines, as well as Filipinos back in my home country Australia.

      I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but you have to be wise when considering a relationship, no matter where the girl is from. You made a bad choice. That’s all there is to it.

  2. Good point. But of course not all Filipina women are like that. I’m telling you, there are lots out there who are decent and have good breeding. You just have to find them. Good luck!

    1. That’s right. There are plenty of nice ones. There are good and bad women in every country. Philippines is no different. It’s all about taking your time and really getting to know more about the woman first before getting involved.

  3. Not all. This is a stereotype that most Asians get because of the few others who set as a bad example. If you want to meet the good ones, you might want to check us too. Thanks for this article, btw. I’d like to read more about these topics, Darren.

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