Why Are There So Many Beautiful Philippine’s Women?


Beautiful Filipino WomenIt’s true, the country is full of them. Just come to the Philippines – any part of the country – look around and you’ll see beautiful women everywhere. That’s not to say that every woman in the Philippines is a glam babe supermodel, but there are just so many petite and attractive women  in this island nation. You don’t even have to be in the country to know this. Many Filipinas live abroad and just as high a percentage of Filipino migrants are stunning. So, just why are there so many beautiful Philippine’s women?


The Filipino Heritage

The original Filipinos were known as Melanesians. Some time later Malayo-Polynesians arrived in the vast group of islands and started to mix their culture and heritage into the community and future generations of offspring. It stayed this way for quite some time until 1521.

In that year Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived on the shores of this majestic tropical island group. However, history does tell us that other Europeans had visited the Philippines before Magellan’s around the world expedition took him there, but it was the Spanish who seriously took up residence in the Philippines and colonised the country for more than 300 years.

Spain, more than any other race, has strongly influenced the culture, religion and bloodline of the modern-day Filipino people. Most of the country’s population are devout Catholics, which is testament to the Spanish influence and rule for over three centuries.

Other parts of Asia, particularly China and India, have also held a substantial presence in the Philippines throughout its history.

In 1898 the United States took control of the islands after defeating the Spanish in the Spanish-American war. The US held rule for 50 years, and America is the reason why so many in the country now speak English and love eating hotdogs and playing basketball. America’s influence further infiltrated the culture during their presence there in WW2.

So, as you can see there is quite a diverse culture in the Philippines and I believe it is this unique mix of bloodlines over the centuries – in particular during the Spanish rule – that has led to the creation of so many uniquely-beautiful Filipinas.



Filipinas Love To Be Feminine

I think this plays an important role, too. Filipinas are happy to be women. That doesn’t mean they’ve resigned themselves to a life of subservience or inequality. Far from it. But they are proud to be women and love to look their best, take care of their skin and hair, learn to be experts at applying their own make up and generally have a very good sense of fashion and what suits them. They love to look and act like women and see being feminine as a gift and not a hindrance in life.


Women From The Philippines Have A Happy Disposition

No matter what their circumstances, even the poorest of women in this country love to have a laugh and have a great sense of humour. Most of them don’t take themselves or life too seriously and have really learned how to “live in the moment”; something many of us from the Western world have totally forgotten how to do.

Now while having a good sense of humour doesn’t necessarily make a woman pretty on the outside, it certainly adds to her overall appeal and her attitude. This can also lend itself to a stronger attraction factor.


Religious Values

Catholic Church in the PhilippinesMost of the country is religious in some form or other, the majority being Catholics. Now I’m not a Catholic and don’t follow the faith of Catholicism, but I believe the religious nature of the women here also has a strong influence on both their femininity and attitude; especially when it comes to relationships and the role they wish to play. Many are sincere in wanting to make their marriages work, have happiness and raise good families. These ladies respect their husbands, but also want to receive the same respect in return.


Sex Appeal

Filipinas truly exude this intrinsic quality. It’s kind of a paradox, really. Essentially the Philippines is a rather conservative nation. Many people are quite shy there, particularly of foreigners. Yet these women are very sexual by nature; in the way they present themselves, their attitude towards sex, and wanting to indulge in the ultimate pleasure in the bedroom.

Now I’m not saying Filipinas are easy or all get around dressed like hookers, I’m merely stating that they love sex and are proud of their inherent sexuality. They embrace it rather than try to subdue it. It’s their attitude towards sex that makes them give off such a strong sex appeal, as well as the way many of them look.


In Summary

The mix of bloodlines, religious beliefs, happy nature, a strong air of femininity and a proudness to be women, loads of sex appeal and a desire to please all add up to be one very attractive package.

Whenever people think of the Philippines they don’t just conjure up images of tropical beaches, but of a plethora of stunning and beautiful women. It truly is a nation of beauties and this article has touched on some of the reasons why this is so.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Please feel free to comment below.




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